Red Rock Hounds
25 Spoke Road,
Reno, NV  89508

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Welcome to Lynn Lloyd's Red Rock Hounds & Equestrian Center
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- Bonding -
A quiet candid moment between RRH
Master Angela Murray and one of her
favorite hounds "Nascar" during the Derby
Day charity event at Pebble Beach.

Red Rock Hounds is devoted to fox hunting as an activity of sportsmanship, houndwork, horsemanship, land conservation and wildlife habitat preservation.

We take seriously the responsibility of stewardship of the land we are so graciously permitted to access and to respect the animals that make that land their home.

Red Rock Hounds endeavors to educate our membership and the public on observing the natural instincts of a team of hounds working in harmony and the responsibility we have for protecting open space and wildlife.

Red Rock Hounds is an organization that welcomes horse owners and riders from all disciplines and skill levels.



2017 August & September Events

For details on any of the below events,
or contact her by phone at 775-969-3243.

  Friday, August 18, 6:30 PM

Literary Wine & Food Tasting in Fallon
Tickets $25. All proceeds benefit the Fallon Library.
See details & event highlights.

  August 24-26

Lynn Lloyd Clinic - Riding Cross Country To Hounds Safely and With Zest!
At Headwater Hops with Big Sky Hounds. Contact for details.

  August ???

Will Simpson Clinic and Horse Show at Ross Creek
Hopefully our ring will be up and running and we can clinic, host a show and have a landowners BBQ and Puppy party in preparation for a great 2017 - 2018 season! Details and dates to follow.

  September 8-15

Staff Hound Exercises/Hunting Begins at Ross Creek
8 AM. All members/guests welcome and polos/jeans acceptable. Hounds will go out from Ross Creek every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday with staff for two weeks through Friday, Sept 22. Time may change based on weather. Members and guests are welcome to join, but please be courteous and patient as the staff gets organized and puppies are introduced. Breakfasts will be brown bag.

  Saturday & Sunday, September 16-17

Aiden O'Connell - Riding Cross Country Safely Clinic
Registration form coming soon.

  Sunday, September 17

Cub Hunting Begins
8 AM at Ross Creek. Polos acceptable, breeches required for members. Guests welcome. Breakfast schedule rotation begins.

  Tentative, September ???

Staff Joint Hunt Weekend with Huntsman and Staff Members from North Hills, Tejon, Cloudline and other hunts. More details to follow!

  September 22-24

Friday, Sept. 22 - Cub Hunting, 8 AM Location TBA
Saturday, Sept. 23 - Hunter Pace, 10 AM Ross Creek
Sunday, Sept. 24 - Opening Day and Blessing of the Hounds, 9 AM Ross Creek, Formal Attire


For details on any of the above events,
or contact her by phone at 775-969-3243.